The Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada started offering its services in January 1996. Our mandate is to supply medicinal quality cannabis and cannabis-based products to those with permanent, physical disabilities or diseases.

Our cannabis-infused recipes are created and baked by our staff and enjoyed by our members. Now you can make them at home.

In response to our members needs we are constantly developing new products. We now make twenty-nine skin and edible products.

Each recipe is created to help reduce suffering, restore health and remedy many ailments known to be treated by the cannabis plant.

Introduction by Gayle Quin and Ted Smith

Cannabis is an ancient medicine on the return in our culture in a time of great need. Its wide range of medical benefits has been documented scientifically (if only to be shut out politically). We want to make available the methods and procedures that we use to heal a growing number of brave, sick people.

Cannabis can be used to replace almost any type of allopathic medicine, from diuretics to anti-depressants – ear oil; throat sprays and salves that reduce tumors. Extracts have been found to be effective on everything from bacteria and fungi, to the herpes virus and staphylococcus. Whether it is a male or female, kola, root or seed, all parts of the cannabis plant can be made into medicine. That the planet’s most precious plant is still oppressed must be one of our society’s greatest travesties.

In Canada, the idea that there are no studies done and that more studies need to be done is simply redundant. All we have to do is interact with the rest of the world and share knowledge. There are studies and recipes from Britain from the 1600’s; Egypt in the time of Pharaohs; 4th century Jerusalem to modern day China and Russia. India has never experienced prohibition and does not bear witness too many health problems which plague Western cultures. There are many currently published books and substantial research available, if required, to prove to any reasonable person that the benefits of cannabis far outweigh the risks, especially when eaten.

Our Recipe Book is a guide to preparing and using cannabis medicines. We recognize that every individual has their own preference, medical needs and experience. This will

provide many of the procedures to prepare and utilize edible or skin cannabis products you require. These recipes and techniques are the result of 14 years of making cannabis-based products, with many people contributing information and advice. A huge thanks goes out to all who helped in the development of these medicines.

These medicines can be made in any kitchen, using tools and products found in most grocery stores. Teaching people to make their own medicines using readily available resources is part of an evolutionary shift towards sustainability.

This guide offers the methods and resources we use to make all of our edible and skin products. We provide standard operating procedures to making oils of varying potency for different purposes and an overview of the specific benefits that each of our products offer. All of our Edible and Topical recipes are exactly as we make them at the CBC of C.


Raw materials – All of the cannabis plant can be used to make medicine, people often discard large quantities of leaf and stalk into dumpsters or compost it. Our edible and topical products rely on the supply of different grades of leaf donated to us.

Different grades – Leaf is divided into 3 grades. The Highest Grade is used for edible products, then Ryanol and the lowest grade for Skin Products. If mould is found the bag should be discarded.

At least 3 strains – Scientists have uncovered a vast spectrum of trace chemical components in the cannabis plant called Cannabinoids. Each has its own effects in interaction with the Cannabinoid receptors throughout our entire body. Only a limited portion of the known Cannabinoids are present in each strain. By combining 3 strains or more we can increase the number of Cannabinoids present in our products, increasing their spectrum of efficacy.

About Cannabis product testing and research – We are excited to work with Dr. Paul Hornby from the Green Cross Society of BC in Vancouver and his gas chromotographer to help test the quality of our products. We have tested our regular cookies, Ryanol & Cannoil 3 times and with his help have made a great improvement in our methods over the last year. This recipe book is updated with all our new discoveries using this empirical testing method.

Buying Ingredients

When buying ingredients for your medicinal foods, choose whole, raw, organic, locally produced products. Shop from local businesses and buy hemp to help heal the planet as

well as yourself. We use hemp in as much of our recipes as we can. In some recipes we

make flax water for a healthy vegan alternative to eggs.

Hemp seeds are the most-balanced source of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. The body cannot produce these EFA’s so they have to be taken in with the foods we eat. However, when foods are processed, their EFA’s lose their nutritional value and even become toxic. Hemp seed has no psychoactive properties but hemp oil is the best fat to promote efficient assimilation of THC and other beneficial Cannabinoids.

Lecithin comes in liquid or granule form for baking or in capsules as a supplement. Lecithin is found in all living cells of the human body. It aids the body’s use of fats and oil-soluble vitamins by emulsifying them to a form we can use.

This is why we add it to our cannabis baking, to help our bodies use all the Cannabis oil. Lecithin breaks up cholesterol to help prevent Arteriosclerosis. Lecithin is essential to a healthy nervous system as it is found in higher concentrations in the Myelin sheath, (the fatty protective coating of the nerves) so you can see how it will help things like Multiple Sclerosis and White Finger.

Decarboxylation – Cannabis is extremely interesting in that 2/3 of its chemical makeup is inactive until heated. This is why the main way of ingesting cannabis continues to be smoking. Various cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBN appear as acids in the raw plant. Over time these acids turn into THC, CBD and CBN but it is much more common to make the conversion using heat.

Heating cannabis increases its potency and without it you don’t get high if you make a cannabis salad (unless you toast your buds first). However, you don’t want to expose it to too high or prolonged a temperature or you start to destroy its active chemicals.

Spread the ground bud/leaf evenly (up to 1 inch thick) on a baking sheet and heat it to approx. 300’F for 30 minutes. Switch the tray levels half way and stir the herb. We do this before adding the plant material to the oil, effectively converting the dormant THC-acids and CBD-acids into active THC and CBD. This process releases vapor in a similar way to a vaporizer. We advise using a fan and/or sealing the room and making the most of your experience.

Resource Checklist

Leaf /Bud – 3 Kinds –

Grinder Scale

Toaster Oven – Baking trays Double Boiler and an Element

Strainer and Cheesecloth Re-sealable bags

Jars (Clear Glass)

Hand Grinder – for making Oat flour

Blender – for grinding Goji berries and blending Salve A Capping Tray & large syringe – For making Ryanol Bottles /Jars – for Salves and Massage oil

Making Ghee: In a heavy stainless steel pan (or double boiler), melt butter on medium heat. Scoop the white foam from the surface and discard of it. This is clarifying the butter of moisture and nonfat milk solids. The whole process will take 30- 45 minutes.

Infusing Cannabis

View our Decarboxylization and Infusion video tutorial here

Divide leaf and Bud by quality: the highest quality leaf is used for edibles; the least quality for skin products. Grind to a fine consistency (but not powder) and store in sealed bags in a cool dark place labeled with the date, quality and # of strains in the bag.

Combine three or more different strains in a large bowl. Weigh out amount indicated for the desired potency on the “Preparing Oils and Butter” chart.

Heat Oil to medium or prepare Ghee. Decarboxylate and add leaf and cook at medium heat on a double boiler for 6 hours. Strain leaf through cheesecloth and squeeze to get maximum oil.

Add 250g (½ jar) liquid lecithin (for edibles) and stir well. Cool slightly and pour into jars. Label Contents and date. Put in refrigerator. Infused Oil will last in the refrigerator for a long time.


Eating cannabis differs greatly from smoking in a few major ways. Cooked cannabis maximizes the potential benefits of CBD, which is primarily a muscle relaxant. Eating can induce heavy drowsiness in a short period of time, therefore we advise against driving or operating machinery after eating cannabis. The onset can be short, as quick as 10 minutes, or take up to a few hours, so patients must also have patience before re-dosing (beware the munchies). The ‘body-stone’ effect lasts many hours, providing relief through a long nights sleep. It’s advisable to start with a low dose (1/4 or ½ a cookie) and increase in moderation to meet your needs.






43 Grams Bud – 1 Litre Olive Oil Add 11 tbsp. lecithin after straining

Green Butter

2 oz. leaf – 1 lb. Butter

Add 5 tbsp. lecithin after straining

Buddha Ball Oil

4 2/3 oz. Leaf – 1 Litre Olive Oil Add 11 tbsp lecithin after straining

Extra Strength

1 oz. Bud – 1 Litre Olive Oil

Add ½ bottle lecithin after straining

Massage Oil

4 2/3 oz. bunk leaf – 1 Litre Olive Oil Add ½ bottle vitamin E oil


4 2/3 oz. leaf – 1 Litre Grape seed Oil Add 11 tbsp. lecithin after straining

With oils and/or butter stored in the fridge you can begin to make the medicines.


Because the CBC of C is dedicated to the health and well being of our members, our line of ingestible products will continue to expand. One of the reasons for this is that for some conditions (muscle spasms and intestinal disorders) eating Cannabis is much more effective than smoking. The following is a complete List of Edible Products including information about the ingredients and the ailments they address.

Edible Product Recipe List

Pg. 8 Cookies (Ginger, Regular Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter)

Pg. 9 Cookies (Double Chocolate, Oatmeal) Pg 10 Buddha Balls

Pg. 11 Ryanol, Flax Water, Lozenges Pg. 12 Extra Strength Cookies

Pg. 13 Kamut Krispies, Bisc. Buddies Pg. 13 Super Treats for Dogs

Pg. 15 Cannoil, Hemp Milk

Regular Cookies are made of leaf infused butter, 60% whole-wheat / 40% unbleached stone ground flour, raw sugar, organic eggs, baking soda, sea salt and powdered kelp. They come in 5 flavors; Peanut butter (least amount of sugar and high in protein), Peanut butter and chocolate chip, Double chocolate chip with cocoa powder and chocolate chips, Ginger (good for soothing the digestive system) and Chocolate chip with white and dark chocolate.


We bake all of our cookies at 250’F for 25 minutes Rotating halfway through baking time

To make about 44 cookies

We’ve found that 1 cookie this size is a good starting dose.


8 cups flour

4 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. salt/kelp

4 tbsp. powdered ginger Mix well

4 eggs

320g – 1½ cups molasses

1 ½ Cups Cannabutter

2 Cups Raw Sugar

Regular Chocolate Chip

8 Cups Flour

4 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. salt/kelp mix Mix

Begin to melt 1 ½ cups white chocolate chips Stir on low heat

5 eggs

1 ½ Cannabutter

2 Cups Raw Sugar Mix

Add White chocolate

And 1 ½ cups chocolate chips Mix lightly

Peanut Butter

7 cups flour

4 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. salt/kelp Mix

4 eggs

1 1/2 cups Cannabutter

2 cups raw sugar 1/2 kg peanut butter Mix Well

Make 4 and add 1 ½ cups of chocolate chips Mix Lightly

Double Chocolate

7 Cups Flour

4 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. salt/kelp mix

1 cup cocoa powder Mix

7 eggs

1 ½ cups Cannabutter

2 Cups Raw Sugar Mix

Add 1½ cups chocolate chips Mix lightly


4 ½ Cups Oats 4 ½ Cups Flour

4 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. salt/kelp mix 4 tsp. clove powder

6 tsp. cinnamon powder Mix

5 eggs

1 ½ Cups Cannabutter 1 Cup Raw Sugar

1 Cup Honey Mix

1 Cup Chopped Apricots Mix lightly

Buddha Balls are carefully designed to be easy on compromised digestive systems such as those with Crohn’s disease and diabetics, and are a complete meal replacement. They contain oats, hemp protein, hemp hearts, soy protein, whey protein, coconut, sunflower seeds, almond powder, honey, and cannabis infused olive oil.


4 Cups Oats

3 Cups Coconut

1 Cup Raw Unsalted Sunflower Seeds 1 ½ Cups Whey Protein

1 ½ Cups Soy Protein

½ Cup Hemp Protein

½ Cup Hemp Hearts Mix

1 Cup Buddha Ball Oil Mix

400g (2 ½ ladles) Mix Thoroughly

Put 1 Cup Almond Powder in a small bowl Form the balls and use it to coat the outside

Add ½ Cup Chocolate Chips for ½ the batch Makes 24

Ryanol capsules are grape seed oil (good for digestive disorders and dissolving bad cholesterol) infused with cannabis and put into Veggie capsules (not gelatin caps which are derived from animal hoofs and skins). Ryanols are a convenient, affordable way of eating cannabis and are ideal when feeling nauseous.

Check ‘Cap me quik’ tray for moisture, make sure it’s dry. Assemble capping tray on paper towel.

Remove the heads of the Vegetable Capsules and fill tray with the longer cap bottoms.

Assemble the syringe and draw it full of Ryanol oil.

Fill each capsule to approx. ¾ (not all the way to the top) add lids, pressing them down to snap them shut.

Store in cool dry bags

Use: 1 or 2 before bed and in the morning

For the following two recipes we make Flax seed water as a vegan alternative to eggs

Heat 2 tbsp flax seed in 1 cup of water till boil then reduce to a simmer until thick. Strain and use gelatin water – good for 6-8 tbsp’s, save any extra in the fridge.

Flax water is a good binding alternative to eggs for vegan diets.

Lozenges contain Chinese Wolf berries, Slippery Elm Bark, flax seed water, lecithin, and Cannoil. They are excellent for mouth problems; tooth aches, abscesses and sore throats; intestinal disorders, warding off colds, strep throats and is an excellent pain killer. Wolfberries help fight free radical damage that lead to DNA and genetic mutations and cancers. They improve sleep, digestion, memory, the kidneys, liver and heart functions, accelerate healing, re-store libido and regulate blood cells balance of sugars and pressures.

Put 5 tbsp. slippery elm bark to coat your grinder Add 2 ½ Cups of Dried Wolfberries

Blend till fine

Makes 2 cups wolfberry powder Add 2 tbsp. thick flax seed water 1/3 cup Cannoil/extra strength oil Mix well

Coat the tray holes with liquid lecithin (spread very thin) and add mix to fill tray Refrigerate for a few hours to let them bind and harden slightly

Wrap in wax paper individually and refrigerate

Extra strength cookies are much smaller than our regular cookies but are made with bud infused olive oil instead of leaf infused butter. They contain more THC, offering more analgesic qualities than muscle relaxants. They’re made from Oat flour, hemp hearts, flax seed water, raw sugar, lecithin, sea salt and powdered kelp.

Grind 4/12 cups of Wild Oats to make 4 cups of Oat Flour 2tsp. baking soda

2 tsp. salt/kelp mix

½ cup hemp hearts

Then mix 8 tbsp. flax water 2/3 cup extra strength oil 2/3 cup raw sugar

Mix both together

Use a small round spoon pressed again the side of the bowl to make little cookies

Bake for 25 minutes at 275’F.

Rotate pans top and bottom ½ way through

Kamut Krisp Bars are made of organic puffed kamut cereal, marshmallows, lecithin, hemp hearts and cannabis stalk infused olive oil. In our never- ending quest to re-cycle and utilize every part of the cannabis plant, we cold infuse the

stalks (and adhering calyx’s) for 1 month into olive oil (from one full moon to the next). This allows us to produce a very effective product at a very low cost.

Coat sides of large saucepan with 1/3 cup Stalk Oil and 1/3 Butter. Heat to low and add 500 g. marshmallows

Stir constantly so butter doesn’t overhear until the marshmallows melt.

Mix in 1 bag of kamut puffs & ¼ cup of hemp hearts Mix well and put in pan Cool well

Cut into 48 squares

Biscuit Buddies originated when people began eating the dog biscuits and enjoyed it. We’ve increased the dose and dipped them in dark, milk or white chocolate. They’re very popular. Bisc. Buddies are made of barley, chana and oat flour; hemp hearts; cannabis infused olive oil; sea salt and powdered kelp.

Start flax seed water (3/4 cup flax seeds cooked in 4 cups water for an hour). Mix 4 1/2 cups barley flour,

1 1/2 cups Chana (chick pea) flour,

2 cups wild oats,

3 tbsp. hemp hearts, 2 tbsp. hemp protein,

1/2 tsp. sea salt ½ tea tablespoons powdered kelp, 2 cups flax water

2 tbsp. molasses (for dog treats only),

1 ½ Cups Buddha Ball oil or Massage Oil for Dog Biscuits.

Bake at 300oF for 30 min or so then turn the oven off and leave the biscuits in while it cools. They should be dry.

Melt chocolate of your choice and dip the biscuits quickly and leave to dry, place in freezer to speed up process.

Gayle’s Super Treats are medicinal biscuits for dogs. Veterinarians have watched tumors disappear, arthritis reverse, and heard chronic cough go away. I have seen it reduce and keep cancers in remission, stop infections and reduce agony for pet and owner both.

For the recipe see Bisc. Buddies pg. 13

Cannoil is olive oil infused with bud which produces more analgesic (pain relieving) effects with less muscle relaxant (anti spasmodic) effects. Each bottle contains 2 ½ grams of cannabis bud. Cannoil is a useful addition to any food after cooking. It is great for travelling and severly compromised diets. With little or no taste it can be dropped directly under the tongue. Keep Cool.

Hemp Milk

Mix 1/4 – 1/2 cup of hemp hearts with one cup of water and let soak overnight. Blend on med-high, or with a hand blender until a smooth consistency. Strain if desired and dilute with up to another cup of water. More hemp hearts make milk thicker and tasty.

Add vanilla, honey, or other flavorings to taste. Store in a glass jar in the fridge. Use within a couple of days. You now have the best milk to dip your cookies into!  Enjoy!


Besides edibles, leaves are also necessary for the production of salves and oils. A salve may be used anywhere you would use a first-aid ointment and then some. The base oil is olive oil, and is solidified with bee’s wax, both of which have healing properties of their own. You can use it for cuts and scrapes, bums and new tattoos, fungus infections and dermatitis, to eczema and bruises too.

Other properties include antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-toxicant. The massage oil is not only good for a fabulous body rub, but has taken pain and swelling away from arthritic joints, and is enabling surgeries to be postponed and some have even been cancelled.

Oils may be combined for specific uses as most plants work synergistically. Our skin is one of our largest organs and is capable of absorbing medicine as well as expelling waste. It makes good sense to apply a medicine directly to the site of need whenever possible. In this day and age this is a very viable form of application due to the fact that people with a North American diet usually have compromised digestive systems.

Ingredients and Equipment

Essential Oils Bees Wax

Spouted jars for pouring Shae Butter (aloe

Vitamin E is added to all topical products as it prevents other substances from going rancid, relieves muscle spasms, prevents and dissolves blood clots, and helps heals scar tissue.


Make sure oils are cool slightly before bottling

Leave the lids loose over night to avoid trapping evaporated moisture

Topical Product List pg. 18 Cannapatch

Pg. 19 Massage Oils: Regular

Pg. 20 Massage Oils: Arnica, St. Johns Wort, Wild Yam

Pg. 21 Massage Oils: Comfrey; Peppermint Eucalyptus, Camphor,

Pg. 22 Salves: Regular, Arnica, Green Lion Pg. 23 Salves: Aloe, Lip Balm



View our Cannapatch video tutorial here


We prefer to use the saved cheesecloth bags of strained leaf from our Olive/Grape seed Oil (not Butter) preparations to make Cannapatches.

Simply take a 1’ by 2’ length of cheesecloth and lay it before you.

Add a as much oiled strained leaf as will make a square slightly off center Make the first fold (fold end closest to herb over to cover)

Add a patch of wax paper

Make the second fold (top and bottom) Tape the ends

Fold the longer side over

Turn over the patch making a square

Tape up remaining edges (tape over the wax paper side) Press it flat with a rolling pin

Store in bags and Refrigerate


Rub some cannabis massage oil on skin the first. Tape a Cannapatch directly over affected area. (If the skin is broken, cover with a sterile gauze). Cannapatch may be used several times if it is not applied to infection or directly onto bleeding.

Cannapatches are an excellent muscle relaxant, provides superior pain relief, and stops bruising and migraine headaches.

To heal broken bones, keep a Cannapatch in place for 10 days to 3 weeks (changing every couple of days).

Apply directly to insect stings and bites, varicose veins, sore joints and muscles. Relieves arthritic inflammation and rheumatic pains.

May be used to pull infections (including sties), insect bites and stings. Cannapatch may also be used to relieve sore, inflamed eyes as well as pinkeye.

Warm and place Cannapatch on upset or cramping stomachs, irritable bowels, or menstrual complaints.

Cannapatch may be used to treat 1st degree burns and chemical burns not requiring medical attention.

May be used with your regular pain medication.

Massage Oils

Regular Cannabis Oil is an excellent pain reliever because it stimulates localized THC and Cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies to help the cannabis we smoke go directly to the site most in need. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory by stimulating circulation. Cannabis is also used for almost every condition of the skin from eczema to fungus, as well as atopic dermatitis. It may also be used topically for stopping migraines and headaches. All other massage oils are mixed 50/50 with Cannabis oil and herbal infusions wild crafted by volunteers.



2 cups Massage Oil

Add 25 mls. Of Vitamin E oil Stir

Cool slightly and bottle

Arnica makes an excellent treatment for inflammations caused by things like arthritis and sprains. It will reduce swellings and relieve pain associated with these conditions. Arnica works by stimulating blood circulation and intercellular fluid exchange and is an accepted ingredient for many arthritic and athletic preparations. We have had 2 surgeries cancelled from its regular use. It

also soothes minor burns, ulcers, eczema, and acne. This oil is not to be used on broken skin or open wounds, as arnica can act as an anti-coagulant (stops blood from clotting).

St. Johns Wort is especially good for the circulatory system. It helps all aspects of bruising from stopping pain to facilitating you body to reabsorb the bruise without clotting. It will strengthen capillaries and veins, which is important to compromised livers, varicose veins, ecchymoses and other blood diseases, with very favorable reports from migraine sufferers.

St. John’s Wort and Cannabis oil is also good for scrapes arid cuts, minor wounds and burns, making it an excellent first-aid remedy. This combination is also one of the best things to stop abdominal cramps of all types, break down intestinal blockages, as well as relieve stomachaches and menstrual cramps. Used in combination with Lozenges, one member has had bowel surgery cancelled. It will soothe inflammations of the skin, and is a specific for recurrent ear infections.

Wild Yam is specific for Multiple Sclerosis and women’s hormone replacement therapies. The protective covering of nerves in our brain uses to make myelin.

Progesterone is produced in the gonads and is what the brain uses to produce Myelin. The brain concentrates progesterone up to 20x higher than the rest of the body, and by the age of 30, 50% of women have quit producing it. The reason to use Wild Yam as massage oil is progesterone is absorbed 40x more through the skin than when taken orally. Bile in the stomach kills most progesterone and makes the liver work too hard to process the rest. The same dose orally has to be 70x higher than when used topically.

Comfrey is our newest skin product and the first to have the added benefits of hemp seed oil. Most useful for acceleration of wound healing, fractures, gastric, varicose and duodenal ulcers, hiatus hernia, ulcerative colitis, and hemorrhages wherever they occur, improve circulation, lung complaints such as bronchitis, irritable cough, and pleurisy muscular rheumatism and swollen joints, gout, pain of stumps from amputation, paralyzed joints and limbs caused by over exertion, dislocation, sprain or shock, bone infections, slipped and herniated discs, all types of injuries, contusions. ecchymosis and bruises.

For Arnica, St. Johns Wart, Wild Yam or Comfrey massage oils Mi x 2 cups melted herbal infusion with 2 cups regular massage oil Add 25 mls. Of Vitamin E oil


Cool slightly and bottle

Comfrey Oil add 2/3 Cup Hemp Seed Oil

Peppermint, Eucalyptus is wonderful to rub on your chest for chronic bronchitis, asthma, influenza (flu), and whooping cough. It can also be used for fever headaches, sore throats, rashes, stomach bloating, and neuralgic and rheumatic pains. It may also be used as a rub for your pets to help repel fleas and mites. Chinese Mint, Camphor will help all lung complaints, local rheumatisms, sprains and strains, bruises and neuralgia. It’s also used as a rub for stomach and bowel complaints such as spasmodic cholera, flatulent colic and diarrhea.

Peppermint Eucalyptus To make 4 cups

25 ml. vitamin E oil

20 drops eucalyptus essential oil 10 drops peppermint essential oil Stir well

Let cool Bottle

Chinese Mint, Camphor will help all lung complaints, local rheumatisms, sprains and strains, bruises and neuralgia. It is also used as a rub for stomach and bowel complaints such as spasmodic cholera, flatulent colic and diarrhea.


add 25 ml. vitamin E oil

Add 33 drops of camphor oil blending slowly Bottle soon after


Equipment used:

We use two elements, two pots full of water and two 1 litre Jars that hold about 4 Cups

Regular Salve is made by adding beeswax to cannabis massage oil to the desired consistency and is good for all first-aid purposes, as well as fungal infections and athletes’ foot type complaints, eczema’s, dermatitis, allergic reactions to the sun caused by allopathic medicines. We also have several wild-crafted herbal infusions that we combine to target specific conditions.

Regular Salve

Use a container you can re-use for melting wax, like a 1L. glass Peanut Butter jar.

Melt 1/3 Jar (1 1/3 Cups) Beeswax in a pot of water. Warm ½ Jar (2 Cups) Massage Oil

Add 25 ml. Vitamin E. Oil to the massage Oil Stir well

Add Melted Beeswax Stir very Well

cool slightly Bottle

We make approx. 16 4 oz. Jars

Arnica Salve is specifically for lupus, providing instant relief and preventing outbreaks becoming exasperated, tightens skin and reverses Rosacea.

Arnica Salve To make 4 cups

Melt in double boiler 1 1/3 cups Beeswax

1 1/3 cups of Massage oil

1 1/3 cups Arnica extraction 25 ml. Vitamin E oil

Green Lion Salve offers superior pain relief when gently rubbed into affected areas. The action is similar to Tiger Balm (without the burn) if massaged into arthritic lumps and bumps, sore achy joints, old injuries or your forehead for headaches.

Green Lion

Warm 2 Cups of Massage Oil.

Add Essential Oils of (by the drop) 14 Eucalyptus, 14 Camphor, 13 Menthol, 17 Lavender, 14 Tea Tree, 13 Wintergreen and 13 Peppermint.


Leave overnight Melt and Stir

Add 15 drops of Cinnamon

Add 1/3-1/2 part melted beeswax to the amount of massage oil you use We make (approx 14 x 4 oz’ bottles) from the above proportions

Aloe Vera Salve contains Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Lecithin, Vitamin C and Lavender Essential Oil. This salve will help: Any skin wound, burn, scald, blister, infection, sties, conjunctivitis, athletes foot, warts, acne, allergic reactions, eczema, sunburn, radiation burn, shingles, rosacea, dry skin and frostbite.

Sun Screen / Aloe Salve

Melt ½ cup beeswax in double boiler Add ½ cup Shea butter

2 cups of massage oil

½ cup aloe vera gel 1/3 cup liquid lecithin

4 tablespoons of Vitamin E oil 25 drops of Lavender oil

Stir until contents melt

Remove from heat to cool slightly Then blend in blender

Bottle and refrigerate

Lip Balm contains cannabis and calendula oils as well as Shea butter added for both skin moisturizing and a natural sunscreen. They are easily flavoured with pure essential oils for either personal taste or specific health issues.

Lip Balm

Warm ¾ C. Massage Oil

Melt separately ½ C. Shea Butter & ½ Cup Beeswax

Add ¼ C. Calendula Oil 1/3 C. Vitamin E. Oil Stir Well

Put containers in fridge over night to solidify

Some Conditions Helped by Cannabis

AIDS, wasting conditions, those affecting the immune system and cancers are all greatly benefited by ingesting cannabis. It is a smooth muscle relaxant, it stops nausea, stimulates the appetite, helps hot flashes and enables folks to eat and maintain their normal body weights.

Tumors of all types (including breast and fibroids) have been reduced with the use of cannabis. The anti-tumor properties of THC and CBN can inhibit tumor growth by 25% to 82%, without damaging normal cells.

Multiple Sclerosis sufferers respond positively to a steady supply of cannabis, and combined with the added benefits of lecithin in baked goods, many experience a significant reduction in tremors, muscle fatigue and spasms.

Cannabidiols help many with MS and MD to remain tremor and convulsion free with no toxicity, behavioral impairment or tolerance.

Epilepsy is benefited from by 60% of cannabis users. I have seen eye tremors stop in one puff. Ingesting small amounts of cannabis on a regular basis helps keep seizures to a minimum as well as improve bladder and bowel control.

Tremors, seizures, muscle spasms, convulsions and pain from MS, MD, spinal cord injuries, etc. are all reduced due to the serotonin-mediated anticonvulsant actions of Cannabidiols (CBD) and Cannabinols (CBN) and THCs dilating action.

Hepatitis C and other liver ailments will be helped with daily ingestion of cannabis as THC stimulates the liver to create its own healing enzymes, as well as reducing pain, stimulating appetites and preventing nausea. One member quotes “Cannabis alleviates the physical and mental strain (of liver cancer), nausea, vomiting, and pain-all less.”

Atherosclerosis and Strokes are responsive to ingested THC due to anti-inflammatory action on blood vessels. Modern research indicates this action also protects against heart attacks, Alzheimers, and other dementias. Another important factor is one’s state of mind. A positive attitude goes a long way toward improving your health.

Glaucoma sufferers should ingest cannabis on a very regular basis, keeping intraocular pressures even at all times to avoid permanent damage to the optic disc of the retina.