Home Renovations

One factor that determines the value of the home’s renovation is how the renovated home measures up to the norm of the community. Adding a pool, extra bathroom and other features only significantly increases the value of your home when they raise it up to the standard of the rest of the community. Building a sunroom, adding a mother in law suite and other additions won’t have a good ROI if this isn’t commonly done in your community. When the renovation makes your home the most expensive one on the block, the rate of return on the renovations drops.
The community norms also affect renovations that might bring down a home’s value in other places. For example, a chain link fence around your yard decrease’s the home’s value unless other homes in the community also have a chain link fence, in the same community you can find beautiful homes for sale, take a look http://www.albertarealestategroup.com/ and you can check the most amazing homes for sale in towm.
Calgary home renovations companies should be able to tell you what renovations are keeping up with the Joneses and the neighborhood norms, as well as which projects won’t add much to the value of your home because no one else has what you want to put in.
This exterior renovation was part of a full interior reno Complete interior and exterior was completely overhauled and redone.Professional design and project management services are a key component of this renovation. Full Home Design Time: 8 weeks Full Home Construction Time: 7 months Full Home Retail Value: $330,000 – $350,000 [/tab] [end_tabset