Kitchen Renovations

Not all renovations are worth it when compared to your options. The changes that make a kitchen restaurant grade are appreciated by the chef in the family, but it may not raise the home’s resale value. Its value is even worse when you consider how often the average family eats out. If your family is constantly gathered around the dining room table to socialize, consider renovating your living spaces so that they are better utilized instead of revamping the kitchen. Do not engage in a $15,000 kitchen renovation with the hope of raising the house’s sale value that much – it won’t.
Another factor to consider before you renovate is the cost of a comparable home to your own that already has the features you want to add. If the renovation costs $20,000 but buying a new home with that mother in law suite or fancy kitchen costs $35,000 more, renovating makes sense. If renovating your home to add two more bedrooms costs $50,000 and you can buy a home with more bedrooms for only $40,000 more, it is probably worthwhile to move.
Don’t neglect the option of making a number of small improvements instead of a large renovation. You could dramatically improve a bathroom by replacing the mirror, faucets, vanity and shower head instead of ripping out plumbing and walls to build essentially a whole new bathroom. Look at ways you could improve the lighting and décor of a room to give you more breathing room before you plan on ripping out a wall. Research ways that you could change the layout of your kitchen to improve the utilization of space before you give up the breakfast nook to make the kitchen feel bigger.

Discuss your options with a Calgary home renovations firm. You may find that a series of smaller changes will yield the home improvements you want for a fraction of the standard rehab project’s cost.

Bathroom Renovations

Upgrades in the bathroom and the rest of the house to allow someone to age in place are certainly worth the money if it means you can stay in your home a few more years. Renovations in lines with “universal design”, so that the home can be used by the elderly and disabled as well as everyone else, allow the home to appeal to a much broader demographic. Turning a basement into new bedrooms or a mother in law suite increases the home’s value by increasing the amount of livable space, but you should consider the cost of adding new rooms compared to finishing the basement or attic.

Home Renovation

One factor that determines the value of the home’s renovation is how the renovated home measures up to the norm of the community. Adding a pool, extra bathroom and other features only significantly increases the value of your home when they raise it up to the standard of the rest of the community. Building a sunroom, adding a mother in law suite and other additions won’t have a good ROI if this isn’t commonly done in your community. When the renovation makes your home the most expensive one on the block, the rate of return on the renovations drops.
The community norms also affect renovations that might bring down a home’s value in other places. For example, a chain link fence around your yard decrease’s the home’s value unless other homes in the community also have a chain link fence.
Calgary home renovations companies should be able to tell you what renovations are keeping up with the Joneses and the neighborhood norms, as well as which projects won’t add much to the value of your home because no one else has what you want to put in.