December 15, 2013

New Ways to Stay Slim

slimOnce people get slim after dieting, it can be hard for them to actually go back and learn how to eat to sustain their new weight. I knew that it could be really hard to stay slim after it took me many years to lose over one hundred pounds. My friends told me to go to so that I could get the pills that I needed to lose keep the weight off. I did not know what the pills were about so I had to go online and I had to look at the ingredients, it was important to make sure that I got a good look at the ingredients because there are so many things that are not good for you in supplements. (more…)

April 25, 2012

Update on Laneway Housing – When Might it be Allowed in your Neighbourhood?

Laneway in VancouverThe City has been working on amending single family zoning to allow laneway housing. This new housing form will be located in the typical garage area where it maintains backyard open space. As per past City Council direction, it will be limited to 1½ storeys, have at least one off-street parking space, and be rental or family only (no stratification will be allowed).

Recently, a City Council Motion directed that action relating to new affordable and rental housing, be prioritized. (more…)

April 25, 2012

Why Ecology is Important in Vancouver?

Vancouver EcodensityVancouver has long enjoyed the status as one of the world’s most livable cities. But despite this reputation, the fact is our city has a large ecological footprint. If everyone lived like we do in Vancouver, it would take four planets to sustain us.

Today, our city faces three important challenges:

  • how to continue to grow in a way that is sustainable and reduces the city’s ecological footprint; (more…)
July 20, 2014

Which Type of Smoker is Best for the Environment

charcoalNow that the warm summer months are here, many Canadians are leaving their kitchens in favor of an outdoor cooking experience. If you’re like many of these people, you’re considering purchasing a smoker as an alternative to a grill, but may not know which fuel source is most environmentally friendly. There are three types of smokers, charcoal, propane and electric, and each leave a unique environmental footprint. Learn more about each of the smokers to make the decision that is best for your home.

Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal is by far the least environmentally friendly of all smokers. This is due to several factors; the emissions released during burning, the manufacture of the charcoal, and the origin of the charcoal. Because commercially marketed charcoal is often comprised of a variety of components, including lighter fluid, sawdust, coke and coal, it is by no measure a clean-burning fuel. The availability of a clean product containing pure carbon is very limited and can be quite expensive. Secondly, the manufacture of the carbon itself releases such byproducts as methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and ethane. Despite attempts by plants to reduce the emissions by converting the to water, a high volume are released into the atmosphere. Finally, charcoal is often made using waste products from the forestry industry. These ingredients may be transported to the plant from thousands of miles away, or even from another continent. This transport only serves to increase the footprint left by the manufacture of charcoal. If you’re looking to invest in an environmentally friendly smoker, charcoal is likely not the best option for you.

Propane Smokers

Propane is largely considered a clean burning fuel. Comprised of the byproducts of other gas production, the manufacture of propane generally takes place on the continent to where it will be ultimately shipped. This reduces the impact on the environment left by transport. The emissions output of propane are significantly less than those of charcoal, making propane a more suitable alternative to a green method of smoking. However, despite the clean burning and production aspects of propane, it is not considered a renewable resource and this should be factored into your decision to purchase a smoker.

Electric Smokers

Electric smokers are perhaps the best option for you, particularly if your home uses reusable, renewable energy. Wind, water and solar energy may be used to power an electric smoker, and no other power supply is required. Propane and electric smokers both maintain a constant temperature, allowing for consistent cooking times and less waste. Electric smoker reviews can be researched to ascertain which smokers are the most energy efficient. Electric Smoker Central is also a great resource for determining which smoker will best suit your needs. A number of guest posters have written articles from an environmentally conscious standpoint, and these may help to guide you in your decision.

When choosing your outdoor smoker, the fuel source you choose will likely influence your decision to purchase greatly. Be sure, however, to factor your unique cooking style, the space you have available for your appliance and your budget. No matter which you choose, cook with a clear conscience knowing that you have researched your options and have made the best decision for your family and the environment.

July 11, 2014

Earn money on the side and work out while doing it.

workoutIf you are even a little like me you’re probably someone who wants to carry out every single brilliant idea that pops into your head but inevitably have trouble finding the right amount of time to do these fantastic ideas.Lets face it , with so much knowledge available in the past number of years on how to be healthy or on how to take care of the environment and also about finding a happy work balance we are given endless amounts of good ideas to carry out that would help us but finding the time for these tasks is the number one problem.

What I am going to talk about today is the time I bought a pressure washer.The reason I did this was A) to supplement my income, B) to do a physical activity that would get me out of the office on weekends and C) do my part for cleaning up the environment in my neighborhood.In my case for example cleaning the pavements and driveways in our area always need to be done ,in fact because of the climate we live in during the winter months we always get a build up of horrible slimy green algae that seems to cling to anything that doesn’t get the smallest bit of sunlight. This is great news for me since many folks in my neighborhood either don’t own a pressure washer or would rather pay someone else to do it.

To put things in perspective in my neighborhood we have one older neighbor who slipped over on some of this algae and hurt his hip real bad and ever since then he has problems getting around as a result of this fall so quite a few of my neighbors are spooked about this green algae getting them next , so this is where my pressure washer and I come in.

What I did was wait until the time was right and asked a few of my neighbors and friends if they wanted their driveways and surrounding areas cleaned of this nasty algae.Of course for them this was a big benefit since they didn’t need to get messy doing it and for them all they needed to do was pay me and once the first person paid me they turned into my advertising because before I knew it I had people ringing me up from places I didn’t even advertise to asking if I would come clean their drive ways.

I should mention that the pressure washer I am using is a gas powered machine and for some people this is a little too much hassle since you need to top it up with fuel as your running it and not to mention ensuring you service it correctly before storing it for winter time which in itself puts a lot of people off but for me a gas pressure washer was ideal since it was much more powerful than the other electric models and with this extra power it allowed me to sail through the dirt and grime and well you know what they say “time is money”.

Ultimately I ended up doing a quick search online since I didn’t wish to waste any money on buying the wrong type of machine , I just went to google and type in ” best reviews of pressure washers ” and found this one site who laid it out all for me.I actually ended up reading this Simpson pressure washer review and was sold straight away on it.

In the end I found what initially started out as a light bulb moment to be a very nice side earner for me on weekends.I was able to turn up with what looks like a very professional machine and do the job within an hour usually and leave with a big pocket of bills and within a few weekends I had already paid back my initial investment in the washer. So ,needless to say I am happy for the extra money and exercise I get from doing it and all my neighbors are happy since they have sparkling driveways.

July 8, 2014

Walking your way to good health

healthWhen most people think of getting into shape, they assume it means spending hours in a gym lifting weights and working out on various types of machines. While some people do this and have great results, the truth is getting into better shape can be as simple as taking a walk each day. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the average person walks three miles per day in the course of their normal activities. Yet, most people are still not fit because they don’t make it a brisk, uninterrupted walk that can burn lots of calories. By making a concentrated effort to work 30 minutes of brisk walking into their daily routine, the results can be dramatic.

There are a number of ways walking can lead to improved health. For example, regular walking has been shown to strengthen the heart and improve circulation while lowering the all-important blood pressure. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, women who walked for only 2.5 hours each week reduced their chances of heart disease by up to 30 percent. Walking is also a great way to keep the bones strong and healthy, since it’s a weight-bearing exercise. If people want to keep arthritis and osteoporosis at bay a bit longer, walking can help them do just that.

However, perhaps no reason is given more for starting a regular walking routine than that of losing weight. Combined with a healthy diet, it’s possible to burn up to one-half pound of fat each month. For those individuals who are considered obese, regular walking can help lower the chances of having type 2 diabetes or possibly even eliminate many of its problems, sometimes allowing people to stop having the need for insulin or other medications.

What many people don’t realize is how much walking benefits their mental health as well. Studies have shown walking can reduce stress, which in turn improves their overall physical and emotional well-being. A regular routine of walking 30 minutes daily can lead to enjoying deeper, more restful sleep, which can help lessen the chances of suffering from anxiety and depression.

For many people, the hardest part of any workout routine is getting started. While some people are content to enjoy a quiet walk alone, many others opt for walking with a friend or group of co-workers on their lunch hour. Even if they have to wear dress shoes at work, keeping a comfortable pair of tennis shoes under the desk can make the walk easy and comfortable. Be sure to avoid foot injuries, such as this one, by never wearing old sneakers. Heel pain, shin splints, and tendonitis can usually be avoided by following this tip.

Many groups obtain pedometers to keep track of how much they walk each day, while others go more by the time they spend walking around a certain neighborhood. Whatever the case, it’s always important to drink plenty of water while walking, especially in hot weather. Drinking two cups of water before walking can keep walkers hydrated, as can several cups every 15 minutes or so. Waiting until they feel thirsty is a mistake, since that means they’re already slightly dehydrated.

So whether one choose to walk alone, with a friend or group of co-workers it’s important to remember to stick with it. While it may feel difficult to stay motivated at times, walking provides so many physical and emotional benefits that it’s well worth the effort each day.

Photo from Flickr: Moyan Brenn

July 4, 2014

Learn How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption and Lower Your Carbon Footprint

With the rising cost of energy and global conflicts over fossil fuels it is becoming more important for every homeowner to make their house as eco friendly as possible. Which improvements will help your particular home will depend on how old the property is and how well it was constructed. Modern home builders are becoming increasingly aware of the need for better efficiency and improved insulation and many of these areas are being addressed in new homes. For instance, properly glazing windows is an excellent method of reducing excess solar energy in the home. Windows are one of the weakest areas in home efficiency, but triple glazed windows can remove most of this problem.

Another huge loss of energy comes from homes that rely on humans to control lights, heating and cooling functions. This particular problem is being addressed through the use of home automation. Automation products have been available for decades, but they have usually been in the realm of the hobbyist or the extreme technophiles. This is beginning to change as people realize that home automation can improve their utility bills and lower their carbon footprint. The system functions by using your home computer as the primary control center. It monitors the various areas of the home and adjust lights, heating or cooling for areas that aren’t in use. When home automation is designed into the house the overall savings in energy usage could be very high.

There are many simple ways to improve your energy consumption. For example, replacing your old hot water system with modern inline water heaters. The inline water heater doesn’t require a tank to store hot water. This means that the system isn’t continuously heating water even when it isn’t being used. To get the best functionality from inline water heaters they should be installed close to where they will be used. Because they don’t affect the other inline heaters you can install as many as the home requires. This is usually one in the kitchen and one for the bath. This particular change not only reduces wasted energy, it also cuts back on the amount of wasted water that occurs while waiting for hot water to reach the sink or tub.

Another way to reduce energy costs is to use do smaller things. For example, many people leave their home computers running constantly. The reason for this is because it tends to take a long time for them to boot up or shut down. You can eliminate this problem by simply cleaning up your computer of spyware and malware so that its boot times are greatly diminished. Special software programs can help you do this very easily. I suggest to most people that they try to turn off their computers when they are not in use, and they can save a lot of money on their energy bills. If EVERYONE did this it would save the country a lot in the eco footprint. Every little bit helps. In fact, if you can switch your desktop computer for a laptop you will save even more money.

June 30, 2014

Why you should always try to eat your greens

Chances are, you grew up in a household where your mother would (over)cook vegetables and you would refuse to eat them. Nowadays, parents often have a different problem: Kids love vegetables… as long as they’re deep fried, smothered in ranch dressing or covered with cheese. But here’s the deal: All of us — yes, that means you! — need to eat some greens on a regular basis (without the unhealthy extras).

So be a grown-up and get over your green-avoiding excuses. Excuses like…

But… they don’t taste good. Unless you’re severely allergic, there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least try a variety of greens before banishing them from your plate forever. Everyone’s taste buds differ, and our flavor preferences can change over time — so a food you may have tried and hated when you were 11 might turn out to be your new favorite dish. There are tons of healthy recipes you can try to spice up your vegetable intake, so give greens a second (or third, or tenth) chance.

But… they’re expensive. Let’s differentiate between non-organic and organic veggies. Non-organic vegetables can be found at any supermarket and are relatively cheap. Organic vegetables aren’t coated in synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but they are a bit costlier. You don’t have to eat organic greens. Do they have less pesticide residue than non-organic? Yes. Are they absolutely necessary to great health? No.

But… I don’t know how to cook. Who said anything about cooking? Sure, vegetables (and most everything else) tend to taste better when there’s some kind of fat involved, but they’re also delicious when eaten raw in a salad or even blended up with some fruit or yogurt in a smoothie. If you feel like you must cook them, try sautéing them in a pan that’s been coated with a little bit of nonstick spray. Voila!

But… I don’t know which ones have which health benefits. You do know that they all have health benefits of some sort, right? Leafy greens, like romaine, kale and spinach, are low in calories and are a fantastic source of fiber and vitamins A, C and K. Broccoli’s rich in vitamins A and C as well, and also potassium. Click here to see the FDA’s Vegetable Nutrition Chart — then get yourself to the grocery store.

But… they make me gassy. “Greens, greens, they’re good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you…”? Sure, some greens, like broccoli, can cause a little gas, but that’s no reason to avoid them — they’re just too nutritious. Instead, Dr. Andrew Weil recommends buffering broccoli’s smelly side-effect by eating probiotic-containing foods such as kefir or yogurt.

But… no one else in my house will eat them. Odds are good that the people in your house will follow your lead. It’s like Field of Dreams: If you cook it, they will eat. Unless your housemates plan on cooking their own food every night (or ordering in from a restaurant until their budget’s blown), they’ll most likely eat whatever you make. Just try to mix it up a bit by offering them different options, so no one gets sick and tired of having the same “boring” vegetables every day.

The great thing about greens is that they’re so nutritious, yet so low in calories that you can eat as many as you want without expanding your waistline. It might take a few tries to figure out which ones you enjoy, but even if you end up only liking one vegetable, that’s one healthy food you can commit to and continue to eat on a regular basis. Hooray!

June 30, 2014

How to become a Park Warden

parkIf you love nature and being in the outdoors, then becoming a park warden is perhaps a good career opportunity for you. Canada is blessed with some amazing parks, such as the Wood Buffalo park in Alberta that covers 44,807 km2 (17,300 sq mi)!
You might have an image in your mind of park wardens being responsible for keeping bears from stealing picnic baskets, but there is much more to the job. Park wardens help with scientific research, help preserve nature and ensure public safety of the park visitors. So how do you become a park warden in Canada?!

Steps to Becoming a Park Warden

Have the right equipment – As a park warden you will be provided with most tools that you would possibly need. However, it is advisable that you get a high quality flashlight and an excellent knife. These two pieces of equipment will be critical to your job and might end up saving your life! Be sure to do research on finding the right knife for your needs, as well as determining which flashlight will fit your situation.
Get the right degree – Get a related degree, such as a degree in Natural Sciences, from a reputable university.
Have a clean record – If you want to be a park warden, you will need to obtain relevant security clearances and background checks, which means you cannot have a criminal record.
Be bi-lingual – As you will be working with the public, you should able to communicate with people on conversational level. So being bi-lingual in French and English will be a great advantage to you as a park warden.
Get experience – If you are still in school, try enrolling in summer programs where you get relevant experience in natural sciences and/or public safety.
Get into shape – Park wardens are not couch potatoes! As you will be outdoors all day every day and on your feet, you need to be in good shape. Park wardens actually need to be on a similar physical fitness level as firelighters, so be sure to start hitting the gym if you are out of shape.
Have applicable certifications – As you will be responsible for public health and safety, it would be beneficial to be certified for CPR, First-Aid and Fire Safety. Look for classes in your local community that fits your needs the best.
Get into the program – Once you are ready to start your career, apply to the Recruit Warden Trainee Program (RWTP) with the Parks Canada Agency.

Is Being a Park Warden the Right Job For You?

Being out in the great outdoors and working with happy park visitors every day sounds great, and it is. However you need to also be aware that it might not be the best job for you if you do not love being outdoors every day or appreciate nature. Park Wardens will need to be able to work in all weather conditions, whether it is hot outside or snowing heavily. Park Wardens also need to be able to deal with people on a regular basis.

June 26, 2014

Environmentally Friendly Acne Treatments

We should strive to be environmentally friendly in all things we do, including the way we treat disease. One way we can do this is by not spending so much money on healthcare. Did you know that on average individual Americans spend upwards of $8000 per year on health care?

That’s a lot of wasted resources and all resources to one degree or another are created through our productive use of our environment. Not to mention, money saved on healthcare could easily be spent on projects to protect our environment.

So, pretend you’re an adolescent with acne and you just want to know how to get rid of back acne in a week so you can look good when you go to the beach for summer vacation. What can you do to be environmentally friendly while treating your acne?

Well, I would suggest using some kind of natural acne treatment that is inexpensive and leaves very little impact on the environment. You could do something like using Epsom salt for acne. Epsom salt is an abundant and naturally occurring mineral that has numerous medical uses. One of the main reasons it’s so useful is because it’s high in magnesium. Magnesium is very important because it helps normalize levels of nutrients that can influence the health of your skin and overall body.

Epsom salt is also very good at helping your body detoxify. If your acne is caused by bad eating habits or other bad habits that may be causing a toxic buildup in your system, then Epsom salt could be a great way to fix this imbalance. Take a nice relaxing Epsom salt bath and let all of the toxins leach out into the bath water.

Epsom salt is also a powerful anti-inflammatory which can really help reduce the redness, irritation and even the pain associated with acne.

Using a treatment like Epsom salt can be considered environmentally friendly for a number of reasons. First of all, producing Epsom salt is a very simple process which doesn’t create any harmful chemical residues or waste products that need to be discarded. For example, if you take acne pills you have to throw away the wrapper, and if you use acne face wipes then you end up with a bunch of trash to throw away as well.

Also, since Epsom salt helps you return your body to its proper balance, it may help to prevent future illness from any number of sources. This would then lead to less need for medical care and save further resources which could then be put to other uses.

Other green acne treatments might include simple dietary changes. Stop eating processed, packaged food that is not only bad for you but creates a lot of waste products. Instead, go to your local grocery store and buy some fresh ingredients to cook with. This will further improve your overall health and lead to a better complexion – while at the same time reducing the amount of trash you produce.

You could try natural acne remedies such as lemon juice, tea tree oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil, turmeric, fish oil, aloe vera or any number of others. Just do your research and you will find out that there are tons of environmentally friendly acne treatments out there!

June 16, 2014

Honor Your Mother with an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

Repurposing a wedding dress is one of the most earth-friendly gestures you can make when orchestrating your big day. Whether you opt to wear your grandmother’s vintage lace gown or choose a pre-owned designer creation, honoring the something old, something new mantra of brides throughout the ages lets you honor your Mother as well.

Weddings are notoriously hard on the pocket book, but consider all of the energy and natural resources that even an average event burns through. From bouquets for the bridal party to centerpieces for the reception tables, a typical wedding sacrifices thousands of fresh flowers for a few hours of enjoyment. Fuel for those stretch limos, catering trucks and guests’ vehicles, electricity for the mirror ball above the dance floor and the resources required for milling, dyeing, weaving, cutting, sewing and finishing the formal attire so important to a perfect ceremony — all these add up to a significant impact on the environment.

In fact, according to EPA data, the U.S. textile industry contributes about 2 percent of all greenhouse gases emitted by industrial activities. This is equal to emissions from plastic and rubber production. These gases create a barrier in the earth’s atmosphere that holds in heat, contributing to global warming. The yards of tulle, silk and other fine fabrics in a wedding gown take a toll on Mother Nature. When you choose an eco-friendly, repurposed dress, you eliminate some of the stress.

This is not to say that you should forego the other trappings of a memorable event. However, you can be mindful of the ecological expense of each element and make choices that minimize your designer pump footprint. By cutting down on the unabashed consumerism, you and your new spouse can make beautiful memories without the guilt that comes with splurging to excess.

The Savings in Choosing an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

Electing to purchase a pre-owned wedding dress can save you hundreds of dollars without sacrificing anything in terms of style and quality. It may not be a perfect fit, but even new bridal gowns require alterations.

By repurposing a wedding gown, you are getting more value out of an expensive, painstakingly constructed garment. All the time and expertise invested in tatting the exquisite lace is too precious to waste by wearing the dress only a single time. The tiny, hand-sewn buttons, the elaborate pearls and the elegant embroidery are worth far more than a single showing.

The Drawbacks in Choosing an Eco-Friendly Bridal Gown

While the rewards of choosing a vintage or pre-owned designer gown are many, the drawbacks are few. By being a bit choosy, you can select a gown that looks just like new, so nobody else need know that it wasn’t tailored especially for you. By shopping on a well-reviewed, reputable bridal resale site, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. The only drawback, really, is that the selection of bargain-priced, resale wedding dresses available to you is so extensive that you’ll have to shop for days to narrow down your choices to just one.

June 16, 2014

Biking Your Commute

bikingIn this busy day and age we live in, if you can solve two or more problems at the same time, it’s always a win. If you’re like most people, you want to help the environment where you can, save some money here and there, and you want to be in better shape. Well, there is a pretty simple way to do all these things, almost all at once: turn your everyday commute or some of your casual driving time into a great workout by riding your bike.

By replacing some of your driving time with exercise that will get you to where you want to go, you will save money, help the environment and you’ll be in great shape in no time. If you’re like most who wish to start doing this, you may not know exactly where to start or how to implement it into your life. To help you out, we’ve got 3 tips that can help you be on your way to bettering the Earth and yourself.

1) The Right Bike

A mistake many people make is that they will go find the best bike out on the market, to only give up riding it and it just sits in the garage for years. We always suggest buying a moderately priced bike or a used one as you can find some really great local deals for those. Since you’re new to riding, you don’t need nor even know what the top notch upgrades would even do for you. It’s also wise to start with a more moderately priced bike because many people don’t stick with riding their bikes and it just becomes a really expensive decoration.

Along with finding the right bike you’ll want to find the right shoes to wear for your biking commutes. There is no need to get those clunky bike riding shoes that you may have seen before. Those are for bike racing and aren’t very logical to wear otherwise. We have found that the best crossfit shoes work really well for biking commutes as they are light and meant for lots of movement.

2) When To Ride

It’s probably pretty realistic to think you won’t replace every commute with a bike ride. Things like bad weather, injuries, and other occasions will most likely keep you from replacing your car with your bike completely. When starting out, we always suggest to replace a short commute first and get used to riding. This will help you get comfortable with your bike and build up your stamina for longer rides. A helpful tip for those that are just starting out is to find a top bcaa supplement to help you recover quicker between rides.

You probably don’t want to replace your commute to the grocery store with a bike ride as it can be a little challenging to ride home with multiple bags of groceries. Like most things, just start small and work your way up from there.

3) Know Your Route

It can be easy to take for granted how easy it is to get around when you’re used to driving. When many people start riding their bikes to replace commutes, they can get turned around as their sense of timing, direction and familiarity of their surroundings is thrown off. Nowadays, with smartphones, you can use Google Maps or Apple Maps as they actually have directions made for walking or bike riding.  That way, you can know where you’re heading at all times. Most bikes can have a phone mount put on them fairly easily and inexpensively as well. Also, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings as cars have a hard time seeing bikers. Be defensive and always be cautious.

June 15, 2014

Ensure Your Exercise Program is Effective and Eco-Friendly

exerciseI think it’s safe to say that all of us appreciate the value of getting in regular exercise and in eating a well balanced diet. However, there is also quite a bit of irony that we see. How so? Just a couple of days ago I saw a pretty funny meme that really brought the point home. It was of a kid saying “So you’re telling me you drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill?” I thought this was great. And how true it really is.

In a world where we hear about pollution and the consistent degeneration of our ozone layer and air that we breathe it seems like we as a people would be a little more conscientious about this type of thing. Now, if you live in a place where the traffic is too horrendous or where the air is of such low quality that it’s safer to walk on the treadmill in the gym then that is one thing. But if you’re doing it just to do maybe you could reconsider. After all you could actually save a lot of time and money. But not only time and money – many reports are saying that the old traditional types of exercise like cardio (walking on a treadmill) are far less effective at producing lasting results and health. In a Metabolic Aftershock review on the Real VS Scam web site of Jade Teta’s workout, it’s obvious that the trend of exercise is shifting towards at-home workouts done much differently than traditional cardio, or walking.

“What the Metabolic Aftershock program does is ensure that your body is able to speed up its metabolic rate above and beyond what you would achieve simply by becoming more active.

So really then, if one is going to the gym simply for weight loss or to walk on a treadmill then it would actually much more beneficial to consider a new way of getting in their exercise.

Now, don’t get me wrong either. Yes, I do go to the gym to workout and plan on doing so for the foreseeable future. But my reasons for going are not to simply get in some cardio that I could do in my backyard or at the park. I still choose to play at home with my kids as a form of “cardio” and this seems to get the job done just fine. Instead, I do go to the gym because of the very expensive, heavy and hard-to-find equipment. Whenever I get done with my workout I make it a point to NOT walk on the treadmill for hours afterwards – not that there would be or is anything wrong with that. It’s just my choice.

Going forward I feel that we could all benefit greatly by picking up and keeping a more active lifestyle. In an article about the benefits of an active lifestyle, the Harvard web site brought out that it serves as a protection as well as other things.

“If exercise and regular physical activity benefit the body, a sedentary lifestyle does the opposite, increasing the chances of becoming overweight and developing a number of chronic diseases.”

So yes, get in consistent exercise but if you can – keep it as green as possible.

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