January 4, 2014

Your Health is Everything to You

diet and exerciseMy step mom was a very active person until she found out that she had stage two cancer. Since it was stage two, we figured that they got it early enough and that she was going to be fine with treatment but that was not the case. She ended up getting a relapse of the cancer and it was worse than we could have ever thought possible. We decided that your health is the most important thing and without it, you have nothing. I had a garcinia cambogia reviews up on my screen and I thought that it was going to be really important to read about it and the supplement as I was thinking of taking it. (more…)

December 15, 2013

New Ways to Stay Slim

slimOnce people get slim after dieting, it can be hard for them to actually go back and learn how to eat to sustain their new weight. I knew that it could be really hard to stay slim after it took me many years to lose over one hundred pounds. My friends told me to go to hcgsimplyslim.com so that I could get the pills that I needed to lose keep the weight off. I did not know what the pills were about so I had to go online and I had to look at the ingredients, it was important to make sure that I got a good look at the ingredients because there are so many things that are not good for you in supplements. (more…)

April 25, 2012

Update on Laneway Housing – When Might it be Allowed in your Neighbourhood?

Laneway in VancouverThe City has been working on amending single family zoning to allow laneway housing. This new housing form will be located in the typical garage area where it maintains backyard open space. As per past City Council direction, it will be limited to 1½ storeys, have at least one off-street parking space, and be rental or family only (no stratification will be allowed).

Recently, a City Council Motion directed that action relating to new affordable and rental housing, be prioritized. (more…)

April 25, 2012

Why Ecology is Important in Vancouver?

Vancouver EcodensityVancouver has long enjoyed the status as one of the world’s most livable cities. But despite this reputation, the fact is our city has a large ecological footprint. If everyone lived like we do in Vancouver, it would take four planets to sustain us.

Today, our city faces three important challenges:

  • how to continue to grow in a way that is sustainable and reduces the city’s ecological footprint; (more…)
April 20, 2014

7 Top Tips for Greener “Eco” Camping

Spring has sprung and soon the warm summer days will be upon us. My mind has already been wandering to where my next camping trip will be, and I bet that many other outdoor enthusiasts are already beginning to check their camping gear and preparing to get ready to venture out again for some fresh air and quality time with nature.

You’d think a camping trip would already be pretty ecologically friendly, and you’d be right – but you can make it even greener by following some simple tips.

If, like us – you love the earth, then you should look at how green your camping trip really is! Making the right choices with your camping kit can have a massive impact on Mother Nature.

1. Litter – Take it with you. Just because your packets are biodegradable, doesn’t mean you should leave them when you leave your camp site. Pack up everything you took with you, its common courtesy and much better for Mother Nature.

2. Eco-Friendly Camping Cutlery – Look for kit that can double up for usefulness. A decent folding knife can not only prepare wood for the fire, but can cut up your dinner, cut rope and prove invaluable around the camp. If you need a great knife, then this site has very useful reviews. Remember, you’ll want to buy one that is rugged enough to use for many years.

3. Solar Powered Equipment – It sounds like a joke, but solar powered lanterns have come on in leaps and bounds. Let them charge up during the day, and feel comfortable knowing they will be bright all night, without leaving you a bunch of dead batteries to deal with.

4. Natural Soap – Use Castile and natural soaps for cleaning your kit, plates and yourself when camping as they keep harsh chemicals out of the environment as well as keeping you smelling nice! Remember to pour any waste water onto dry ground, and not into a stream. Even with eco-friendly soaps you don’t know who will be drinking out of the stream or river a few hundred yards further down.

5. High Quality Equipment – If you buy the best, you can keep using the equipment year after year. This makes much more sense from an environmental point of view as it will significantly lower your carbon footprint as well as saving you money. Buy the best you can afford, and remember the old adage, “Buy cheap, pay twice.”

6. Purchase Reusable Dining Equipment – If you are thinking about taking paper plates and Styrofoam cups camping then stop. Please, just don’t. They may save you a few minutes of washing up, but the damage to the environment isn’t worth it. Grab yourself a set of aluminium plates and bowls (Amazon stock many different ones) and use them year after year.

7. Buying Recycled Gear – it’s much more common now to be able to source greener camping products. Sleeping bags by the big brands are often filled with recycled plastics, so not only can you sleep snugly in them, you can relax knowing you are making a difference.

We hope you enjoyed these tips, and implement them the next time you are planning a weekend hiking and camping in the woods.

April 18, 2014

Eco-Friendly Tech

When it comes to the good of the environment, technology is often perceived as bad. Most people have that misconception that all pieces of tech and various kinds of gadgets only harm the environment is many ways possible.

There are practices that involve the care of nature through various methods like conserving electricity by turning off lights when unneeded and saving water by limiting the water that you use in washing the dishes.

While it’s true that there are a lot of gadgets that only contribute to the worsening condition of the environment, there are other tech and gadgets that can still provide you with innovative features but still preserve the environment through a number of ways like energy conservation, overall efficiency or without producing harmful waste products.

Here are just a few of those pieces of technology that can help you in a cleaner and greener way.

Efficient Lighting and Other Light Sources

It has become common knowledge now that using incandescent lighting has now become inefficient because of a number of reasons. It produces less lighting but consumes more energy. With the utilization of fluorescent lighting, we now have a light source that delivers adequate lighting but consumes lesser energy.

Furthermore, fluorescent lighting produces a lesser amount of harmful chemicals as well. Another greener approach in the form of light sources is through the use of LEDs. Light Emitting Diodes have become popular with their use in a number of gadgets like flashlights, lamps, tracking devices, watches and more.
Eco-Friendly Cameras

Today, one of the most common gadgets that we encounter is cameras. Having a camera now is slowly becoming a necessity even though we don’t really need it in our daily lives. Capturing moments and turning them into pristine pictures or clear cut videos are a great way of preserving memories. But one innovative and functional use of cameras is by monitoring your child’s safety.

Baby monitors are a great option if you want to keep an eye on your baby even when you’re not in a readily available proximity. This promotes safety and security of the child and also lessens your anxiety of what might happen to your child. Energy conserving baby monitors are now the ideal choice when it comes to using them since they last a lot longer compared to ordinary ones.

If you want to look for those, you can search on sites like the bump and go over the best video baby monitor reviews, so you can make the best choice for you, your baby and also the environment.

Innovative Watches

One of the basic techs that most people have is a watch or a clock. While wristwatches are known for their toxic chemicals in the form of their batteries, there are watches now that are powered by salted water. Through that liquid, the electrodes in the watch or the clock get power to display the time through LEDs or other similar displaying devices. With no batteries required for their power, you save money and help preserve the environment.

April 16, 2014

How to prevent from hair diseases

The diseases of hair a quite broad subject in which the most common are as follows.

• Alopecia
Is a hair disease that includes hair loss or the thinning of the hair? There are mostly two different types of alopecia which are scarring, in which the hair follicles are totally destroyed and hair loss occurs all over the scalp of within a circular area or a receding hairline and the other is the non-scarring in which the hair follicles can be reversed, and hair loss occurs all over the scalp of within a circular area or a receding hairline

• Androgenic Alopecia
This is one of the most common and prominent type of hair disease which is mostly common in males.

• Hirsutism
This disease although isn’t that common in which there seems to be excessive hair growth in the pattern of male hair growth in adult women.
There are a lot of different kinds of treatments that can help in preventing most of these hair diseases which are as follows

• Well balanced diet
One of the simplest ways to not only avoid any kind of hair disease but all diseases is to have a perfect well balanced diet.

• Avoiding harmful hair treatments
Always try to avoid any kind of hair treatment that can be dangerous for the health of your hair and that could lead to any type of hair loss. First of all, you need to change your eating habit, which means you should avoid instant or junk food and try to have proper food and vitamins for your hair loss.

• Use the right kinds of medications that could be helpful for your hair
There are a lot of different medications that can be prescribed to you for the prevention of hair diseases such as in the case of Alopecia you can use Minoxidil (helps in the regrowth of hair and possibly stops any kind of further hair loss), Tretinoin (helps in decreasing the thick scalp layer and helps in increasing minoxidil penetration, and many others. Keep in mind do not use these medications without the proper guidance of a doctor or a professional.

• You can always have a cosmetic therapy, such as the surgical placement of the follicles.

• It is also a good idea to use the right kind of food supplements that could help in preventing hair disorders and follow many different kinds of nutritional tips. Such as always try to eat foods with high vitamin B or iron like whole grains or dark leafy green vegetables. It is also advised to eat food with high antioxidants like fruits and vegetable such as cherries, peppers, blueberries, tomatoes and squashes.
Always try to avoid refined food such as sugar, pastas or white bread. Do not eat too much red meat. Always use healthy oils within your food such as coconut oil or olive oil. Always drink a lot of water (6 to 8 glasses a day is the ideal amount).
Exercise daily at least 30 minutes a day.

• Use herbs
Another ideal way to avoid any kind of hair disease is to use the right kinds of herbs that would help you in toning and strengthen your body system. You can use many different kinds of herbs such as dried extracts which include teas, powders and capsules, glycerites which include glycerin extracts or even tinctures such as alcohol extracts.

• The use of homeopathy
Another great option that you may find is the use of homeopathic therapies that can help in preventing any kind of disorder within you.

• Use the proper kind of shampoos and conditioners
It is always advised to use natural shampoos and conditioners as many of the commercial shampoos use chemicals that can be dangerous for your hair and scalp. If you cannot afford natural shampoos or conditioners you can always make it at home which is not that hard.

April 11, 2014

Saving the World One Board At A Time

Scientists have made it obvious. Humans and our bad habits are destroying the environment and the Earth as a whole. They say that if humans are to continue these bad habits, the Earth will be completely destroyed and no longer be suited to support life within the next five-hundred years. But, if humans were to suddenly vanish, the Earth would flourish in the next fifty. It’s clearly time for a revolution. If everyone took a small step forward in would add up to one giant leap in the right direction and lead to a healthier Earth.

Going “green” is the new thing. Gasoline cars, factories, and harmful pesticides or sprays are being replaced. Replaced by things like carpooling, taking the public transport, electric cars, and reusable and “clean” materials in sprays or cleaning agents. People have changed their mindset, more and more do we see people riding bicycles to the workplace or carpooling to soccer games. We definitely support the new form of transportation.

Why you should stop driving to work…

In North America alone we have almost 400 million people. The majority of this population have regular full-time jobs or school they need to get to and from. Driving is the popular choice of transportation because it so easy and convenient but it is actually harming your health.

Cars alone are one of the major contributors to the release of harmful emissions. The exhaust from the vehicles damage the ozone layer around the Earth’s atmosphere. The ozone layer is what protects us from the Sun’s harmful UV rays. But after consecutive years under attack, the ozone layers begin to break down and harmful UV rays begin to penetrate. This has all led to an increase in skin cancer victims, more occurrences of acid rain, and global warming.

What you should start doing…

If we were all to take action and become a “greener” planet, our Earth would, infact, become greener. If even a small percentage of us would stop the unnecessary driving we could reduce the emission by a great percentage. The extreme temperature changes from global warming would dissipate so the plants and other wildlife could flourish more constantly. Even the ozone layer could replenish its shield to protect us from the harmful UV rays.

A very reliable form of transportation that we recommend is bike riding or even longboarding. Both are much more affordable than the price of a tank of gas now-a-days and are completely emission-free. Riding a longboard is in some ways even more convenient than driving. For example, if you are taking it to school or work you can ride it without even worrying about traffic or red lights. The pros definitely outweigh the cons in every aspect, for your convenience, the environment and even your overall health.

Longboarding is a great form of exercise and is more than just a form of transportation for many people. Many of best longboard brands, including Sector 9 Longboards, sponsor riders to spread the word to ride a longboard, reduce our emissions, and increase our health. Protect yourself, and our Earth.

April 11, 2014

Five Reliable Online LPN Programs

Having a hard time looking for an online practical nursing program? This article will make it easier for you to choose which would fit your preferences and requirements.

Before polishing the five trusted names in LPN online programs, you must know how to choose them. Yes, there are categories that you need to consider during the selection of your online school program.

Initially, you have to be critical about the scope of the course. In choosing, your school has to be accredited by recognized associations within your area and one of the best examples is the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission. Schools that are accredited will assure you of quality instruction, ensure your success to a more suitable job and pave the way to career progression.

It is best that the online program has affiliations in the healthcare world where you can be clinically exposed and then eventually practice what you’ve learned online. This is why you must consider the location of the school. If the online school has a nearby branch from your area of accommodation, it would be easier for you to attend and fulfill clinical hours. Online programs are just the beginning of your practical nursing career. The clinical training, on the other hand, is the other half of it.

Exposure to clinical settings like hospitals is necessary to complete your practical nursing course otherwise, your online education will be deemed insignificant since it is necessary to apply what you’ve learned in a realistic and timely setting.

Finally, you must consider the time that you are willing to invest and the money that you would dole out in order to finish the program. While LPN online programs are definitely more practical and more economical than the actual practical nursing programs wherein you have to physically attend lectures, you are still required to allot a parcel of your undivided attention and some monetary allowance.

Now, let’s go to the five dependable online practical nursing programs that you can consider in the midst of making a choice.

Medical Career Institute

Located in areas like Greenville, Henrico and Manassas, Medical Career Institute can help you earn a diploma as a licensed practical nurse in a span of 2 and a half years. Other programs offered are Medical Assisting Associate and Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Carrington College

Another prestigious institution that offers online practical nursing courses, Carrington College aided more than 40,000 graduates and helped them create a healthcare career. There are around 11 campuses located primarily in Mesa, Boise, Spokane and more.

Kaplan College

You will not think twice about choosing Kaplan College for its vast sufficiency in providing its enrollees skills and knowledge and gear them up for a promising career in a healthcare setting. Some of the places where you can locate Kaplan College are Lubbock, Vista and Dayton.

Lincoln College of Technology

Online LPN programs never got better with Lincoln College of Technology’s advanced and highly competitive courses that include Electrical Systems Technology, Health Sciences and Hospitality. For those who are short of cash, financial aid is provided. Locations would be around Marietta, West Palm Beach and Melrose Park.

Everest University

Designed for a higher form of education to be able to meet the standards and demands of institutions and employers all around the United States, Everest University caters to numerous healthcare fields like Medical Assistant, Nursing, and Patient Care Technician. Some of the places where you can find Everest University are Orlando, Tampa, Pompano Beach and more places in Florida.

April 11, 2014

What happens when you quit your high flying job to become a teaching assistant?

From time to time we all have fantasies about leaving the rat race and starting to do something a bit less stressful. Whenever I think about this topic I always think about Toni Collete in the film “In Her Shoes” in which she leaves her soulless corporate job to become a dog walker, the simpler life suits Toni and her life starts to turn around in a pleasing fashion. But what if you actually did what Collette’s character did in real life? What would happen, how would it affect your life and your health.

Anna, who lives in the UK, left her job roughly 9 months ago and has been working as a teaching assistant since then, she took a reasonably large pay cut and now only works only 24 hours a week, a marked difference from the 60+ hours she was putting in at her old job. So what caused Anna to make the switch? “I’d really come to the end of my tether working at my old job, and I desperately needed a change, at first I thought about going travelling for a year, but I’d always wondered about becoming a teacher and I thought that I could become a teaching assistant for a year and see where I went from there. To be honest I have no firm plans of what I’m going to do after that, and I’m finding it quite liberating”.

Swapping one set of stresses for another

Surely though, Anna’s change in job and subsequent pay cut has led to worries about cash. Has she not just swapped the worries of working life for the equally troubling concerns of trying to make ends meet, according to Anna this isn’t the case “I was so busy at my old job that I didn’t really have chance to do anything else, so I’d actually built up some reasonably substantial savings, I calculated that I could do nothing for two years if I stopped, and one day I thought why don’t you just stop – so I did” Indeed, Anna seems to actively enjoy being time rich and cash poor “I’ve started cooking my own meals now and I save so much money compared to what I used to spend on ready meals and take outs before I quit my job. I feel healthier and get a real thrill from all the money I’m saving whilst eating much better meals and improving my cooking skills at the same time.”

Would Anna recommend what she did to others?

I guess that this is the million dollar question, having spoken to Anna she certainly seemed happy, but would she recommend what she did to others? “You have to remember that I have no dependants, so I was in a quite a privileged in that sense, as long as I could support myself I was basically free to do whatever I liked”. Anna also warns against the disapproval you might get from others “my parents were quite disapproving to begin with, I think they thought I was wasting all the time I’d spent building my career, I had no easy answers to give them either, I just had to live with their disapproval and do what I wanted. It wasn’t that easy at the time though.”

So there we have it, you can change your job and make your life better in the process, but you first have to consider if you’re going to be able to handle the consequences before taking those big life changing steps.

April 9, 2014

Bone fishing in the Abacos – Environmentally Sustainable

Bone fishing is sport fishing where the anglers purpose to catch only one type of fish known as a bone fish. The bone fish belongs to a fish family called Albulidae and is known for sporting qualities and difficulty of trapping it. Bonefish sporting involves hooking, and landing your hook to catch the fish. Bone fishing in the Abacos is a bit challenging for beginners to manage landing on a fish, hence requires one to use professional guides for assistance. These fish are silver in color and have long bodies that help them with speed.

Over the centuries, bone fishing has been a sport that has served both as leisure and as a source of livelihood. Different methods have been used to catch the fish, some of which are still in use today. However, with the depletion of the bone fish, many approaches have been put in place to help achieve environmental and financial sustainability.

Bone fishing is always done in different ways. For example, chum is thrown onto the water to attract the bone fish into a certain area of flats where most of the bone fish are located. Secondly, an artificial lure or a baited hook is thrown where the fish are before striking. Though an old method that is not used by professional anglers currently, it is still used by new anglers in the sport.

This addictive sport follows a different approach involving the use of a guide. In this case, a pole boat is used for searching around the flats for fish. Once bone fish is spotted, the guide directs the angler where to cast. Using a trolling motor is not allowed due to the fragile nature of the fish.

Bone fishing can also be done using artificial lures such as the fly fishing technique. Remember that bone fishing is a sport that involves catching and releasing the fish.

Bone fishing has been in existence for a long time and this has necessitated the use of more advanced fishing techniques. The action taken should be aimed towards attaining the sustainability of flats fishery resource. This should be based on the quality of water that serves as a habitat for these fish. Water from waste disposal and run offs that is allowed to flow freely into the fisheries is an environmental hazard. This is great destruction of the fishery habitats and very environmentally unsustainable.

Another point of concern is the construction of buildings along the riverbeds in the mangrove forests and some wetlands that leave the place exposed to erosion. These large developments have resulted to social and environmental problems that should be tackled in a bid to attain environmental sustainability.

Bone fishing has become a viable economic activity with low impact on the fishery industry in most nations. A lot of attention is increasingly being given to the marketing of fishing opportunities by focusing on flat fishing. Some countries have put in place stringent legislation advocating for the catch and release only protection aimed at reducing the depletion rates of the bone fish. This shows the commitment in preserving this precious fish and the game of bone fishing.

Bone fishing is a great hobby that needs good preparation in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. Collecting a fish lure like full collectible set of the Bohemian Bedding is advisable to most sportsmen wishing to enjoy the sport. Fish sport lovers prefer collecting antique fish decoys, fishing lures and fishing boxes before going on a fishing spree.

April 9, 2014

Power Tools and the Environment

Recently, I made some energy efficient upgrades on my home. The process made me think about the impact of home improvement projects on the environment and how DIY projects can be done in a sustainable way. Specifically, I thought about how using power tools affects the environment. Every power tool uses some form of energy (or else it wouldn’t be a power tool!) and that energy has to come from somewhere. In the case of electric tools, most of the time that energy comes from a carbon-dioxide belching power plant. I suppose the only truly green alternative would be to strictly use hand tools, but I just can’t imagine cutting every board and driving every screw by hand.

So if totally abandoning power tools is out of the question, the best that can be done is to minimize the impact they have on the environment. After some thought, I came up with three ways that the use of power tools can coexist with a healthy environment.

Avoid Cordless Tools

Most power tools come in corded and cordless versions. “Corded” simply means that the tool plugs into a standard electrical outlet and runs off typical household current, while cordless tools use a battery. Each has advantages in different applications. For instance, this page about circular saws does a good job of explaining the pros and cons of corded and cordless versions of that particular tool. Additionally, corded saws have another advantage over cordless versions: they do not use a battery that must be disposed of when it loses the ability to hold a charge. Lithium-Ion batteries are non-toxic and generally considered safe for landfills. However, disposing of batteries does contribute to overall landfill usage. For that reason, many manufacturers offer battery recycling programs. This is an option that should be utilized if you must choose cordless tools.

Rent Power Tools

For tools that you will seldom use, consider renting instead of buying. In the project I mentioned above, I really needed a table saw for some of the cuts that were required. So after researching some of the table saw reviews I found here, I rented the one I wanted from my local home improvement store. Renting benefited the environment in at least two ways that I can think of. First of all, I avoided buying a brand new product, which would have consumed more resources to produce. Also, because I rented I could return the tool to the store when I was finished and avoid finding a place to store it. Storing items that are seldom used is a very inefficient use of resources because it requires more space (more building materials) and more energy (light, heat, etc.).

Buy Used Tools or Participate in Tool Exchanges

Another way to minimize consumption of resources is to buy used tools instead of new ones. Many times, you can find quality used tools in good condition near you. Another way to get the tools that you need without buying new is to participate in a neighborhood tool exchange. These are becoming more and more common around the country as people begin to do more DIY projects and want to avoid buying new tools.

April 6, 2014

The Uncharted Rise Of Eco-Friendly Furnished Apartments

apartmentWhile renting a furnished apartment is hardly a new concept, renting an eco-friendly one is.

Millions of people are concerned about the environment and many try their best to live in an eco-friendly way.
We have seen here in Vancouver how this can be achieved and there has been a rise in the amount of apartments for rent that have come with environmentally friendly marketing to attract this crowd.

However this trend has now spread and if you are looking for a furnished apartment then it is likely that your search will take in many that are advertised as being eco-friendly.

So, what is an eco-friendly apartment and why are they important?

While many furnished apartments come with ‘run of the mill’ furniture and fixtures an
apartment that had been specially designed with the environment in mind will use eco-friendly materials, furniture, and appliances.

For example low energy light bulbs will generally come as standard in an eco-friendly furnished apartment. Not only do these light bulbs last significantly longer than the average model but they also use up to 80% less energy than a traditional bulb.
This considerably reduces the cost to light the apartment and cuts down energy use too.

Also the way in which the apartment block powers itself is different in energy efficient and environmentally conscience furnished apartment Houston.
Solar panels will likely be standard on the top of the building and will account for a reasonable amount of energy generation particularly in the summer months or in warmer places (the state of Texas for
example makes great use of these) and water conservation equipment will be present as well to encourage efficient use.

Indeed we can look at eco-friendly furnished apartments in the wider scope of helping
the planet as a whole.

Not everyone is warming to the idea that we are causing damage and harm to our planet however there are significant incentives to renting out an apartment that has been built with the environment in mind.

Savings on bills are one positive aspect and the solar panels, water conservation
equipment, and energy efficient light bulbs that we mentioned above all contribute to lower costs and therefore more disposable income for the person renting.

Also, encouraging the building and maintenance of an energy efficient apartment can help the concept spread beyond North America and gain traction around the world.

With our planet being affected every single day by harmful emissions, big business, and also the average person not watching their carbon footprint the need for furnished apartments that are affordable to ordinary people is rising.

While some do come with high monthly rental due to the costs involved with building them it is refreshing to see that many are coming down in price and while rent may be slightly above average the money is saved in the bills every year.

Renting an apartment that is environmentally friendly has several benefits not least of all that it is contributing to helping the planet and with the news that they are growing every year then we hope to see a lot more in the future.

April 6, 2014

The Benefits of Using Organic Shampoo

We call them all natural, eco-friendly, and organic hair care products. But what does that really mean to us as end consumers of these shampoos? Are they any good? What makes chemical-free shampoos so much better?

First, make sure to find the best sulfate free shampoo available.. Most of these shampoos are organic and use natural and botanical extracts which makes them feel and smell wonderful.

Surprisingly, most high street shampoos contain sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde and other harsh chemical found in detergents. Just think of what you are putting on your hair. With regular shampoo, you are using the same chemicals you use to clean your clothes, wash your dishes, or scrub your bathroom.

That means the nutrients from your scalp is washed away leaving your hair without any protection.
Organic shampoos, on the other hand, contains ingredients that are good for the skin and hair. Often, these ingredients are considered for their skin healing capabilities. Example is Tea Tree which is used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as burns, dandruff, or inflammation.

You may wonder why a skin healing ingredient is always included in organic shampoos. The fact that the skin is the channel where nutrients are infused and diffused goes to show how important it is in achieving a healthier hair.

That ingredient goes directly to the source of the problem and how this source can also be the solution. Using organic shampoo that protects the scalp also benefits the hair.

Second, organic shampoos are gentle on the scalp. It deeply cleans without washing away the nutrients. It also removes the layers of toxic ingredients from your hair. In fact, it balances the nutrients on the scalp and infuses just the right ones that the hair needs. Moreover, a healthy scalp stimulates healthy hair growth.

With balanced nutrients on the scalp, you will notice a much healthier, shinier, and smoother hair.
Moreover, most sulfate-free shampoos are great for all types of hair. Some add ingredients for specific hair types (voluminous, oily, dry, fine) but most actually contain the same organic or botanical ingredients.
Third, botanical shampoos are environment-friendly. When you wash shampoos containing harsh chemicals, they do not go anywhere else but the environment.

Why do you think our governments need to treat water systems? They pollute the water affecting many wildlife and even people.

On the other hand, ingredients from the best organic and sulfate free shampoos are biodegradable. Once they wash away, they break down. So using organic products helps our environment in a big way.

Fourth, strong chemical-based shampoos can take a toll on our body’s health. Chemicals like sulfates are irritants. They can cause eye and skin disease and conditions that organic shampoos do not normally cause.
Why do you think your eyes gets irritated when you use chemical-based shampoos. You will also notice your skin getting flaky and dry. Chemicals do that. They say small amount is okay. However, even small amounts can accumulate.

If you are not into natural products like organic shampoos, the thing is you are missing a lot of health benefits and throwing caution to the wind.

Try using all-natural shampoos today and reap the rewards of a healthier, shinier, and more robust hair.